A new higher sliding mode control scheme for underactuated system


This dissertation presented a homogeneous higher order sliding mode control algorithm for a class underactuated system in presence of parameter variations and external disturbances. Based on the second order sliding mode control scheme, a new design methodology is proposed to tackle both the underactuated system's stabilization and tracking problems by Lyapunov direct method and hierarchal strategy. Theoretical analysis and simulation results demonstrates the advantages of the strategy and show that the method can achieve the tracking maneuver precision positioning and get global stability and robustness at the same time.

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@article{Lin2013ANH, title={A new higher sliding mode control scheme for underactuated system}, author={Zhuang Lin and Benjie Dong and Zhiqun Guo}, journal={2013 Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Control and Information Processing (ICICIP)}, year={2013}, pages={770-775} }