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A new genus of flies possibly referable to Cryptochetidae (Diptera, Schizophora)

  title={A new genus of flies possibly referable to Cryptochetidae (Diptera, Schizophora)},
  author={David K. Mcalpine},
  journal={Australian Entomologist},
  • D. Mcalpine
  • Published 1 September 1976
  • Biology
  • Australian Entomologist
'Librella demetrius' n. gen. et sp. is described from eastern Australia. A detailed morphological comparison with certain other acalyptrate flies is made, and it is suggested that 'Librella' is a highly plesiomorphic ('sensu' Hennig) member of the family Cryptochetidae. Though this relationship is not obvious from comparison with the recent genus 'Cryptochetum' Rondani, it is more apparent when the Oligocene cryptochetid genus 'Phanerochaetum' Hennig is considered. The Cryptochetidae are… 
Cryptochetidae (Diptera): first record of the family from Turkey
The emergence of another widely distributed and frequently introduced species, Cryptochetum (Lestophonus) iceryae (Williston, 1888), introduced also to the New World (McAlpine, 1987), should be taken into consideration when working on cryptochetid material from the Palearctic region.
A new family and genus of acalypterate flies from the Neotropical region, with a phylogenetic analysis of Carnoidea family relationships (Diptera, Schizophora)
The previously doubtful monophyly of the Carnoidea is accepted tentatively on the basis of newly established synapomorphies of the male genitalia, and revised hypotheses of the relationships of Cryptochetidae and Acartophthalmidae are revised.
David K. McAlpine bibliography from 1952 to the present
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A complete list of the 103 peer-reviewed publications of the Australian Museum dipterist— David K. McAlpine—is presented. This list is compiled under Dr McAlpine’s oversight and has benefited from