A new genus of Neotropical Chrysopini (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

  title={A new genus of Neotropical Chrysopini (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)},
  author={F. Sosa and S. D. Freitas},
  • F. Sosa, S. D. Freitas
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
  • Titanochrysa Sosa & Freitas is a new genus of Neotropical Chrysopini (Chrysopidae: Chrysopinae) recorded from Costa Rica,Venezuela and Brazil. Titanochrysa gen. nov. shares several external and genitalic characters with Ceraeochrysa Adams, 1982; Chrysopodes Navas, 1913; Cryptochrysa Freitas & Penny, 2000; Parachrysopiella Brooks & Barnard, 1990 and Ungla Navas1914. It may be distinguished from those genera by its very long sternite 8+9, sternites 2–8 usually with microtholi, male geni-talia… CONTINUE READING
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