A new genus and species of Loricifera (Nanaloricida: Pliciloricidae) from the deep waters of Japan

  title={A new genus and species of Loricifera (Nanaloricida: Pliciloricidae) from the deep waters of Japan},
  author={Shinta Fujimoto and Hiroshi Yamasaki and Taeko Kimura and Susumu Ohtsuka and Reinhardt M{\o}bjerg Kristensen},
  journal={Marine Biodiversity},
In this paper, we describe Wataloricus japonicus gen. et sp. nov. (phylum Loricifera), based on specimens collected during surveys of Japanese waters in the Northwest Pacific conducted onboard the TR/Vs TOYOSHIO MARU and SEISUI MARU. This new loriciferan is placed in the family Pliciloricidae based on the morphology of the adult lorica and Higgins larval internal armature, setae, and toes. It is readily distinguished from other pliciloricid genera by the following combination of characters… 
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Loricifera from the deep sea at the Galápagos Spreading Center, with a description of Spinoloricus turbatio gen. et sp. nov. (Nanaloricidae)

The SO 158 cruise has yielded a minimum of ten new species of Loricifera out of only 42 specimens, which indicates a high diversity of loriciferans at the GSC, and two different orders, where one being new to science, and three different families.

A new type of loriciferan larva (Shira larva) from the deep sea of Shatsky Rise, Pacific Ocean

A new type of loriciferan larval stage: the Shira larva, which possesses a number of unique features, including a single pair of anteroventral setae is present in the most anterior region of the abdomen and the abdominal region is divided into five sub-regions.

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A postlarva of Nanaloricidae (Loricifera) was found in the deep sea of the Guinea Basin. This postlarva belongs to a new species, Culexiregiloricus trichiscalida, which also represents a new genus.

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Loricifera is a phylum of free-living, marine animals of microscopic size, which are distributed worldwide across an extensive range of depths. The loriciferan fauna of the North East Pacific Region,

A new genus of Nanaloricidae (Loricifera) from deep-sea sediments of volcanic origin in the Kilinailau Trench north of Papua New Guinea

  • G. Gad
  • Biology
    Helgoland Marine Research
  • 2003
A new genus and species of Nanaloricidae (Loricifera), Phoeniciloricus simplidigitatus, is described inhabiting fine sand covered by a layer of volcanic ash at a water depth of 1,813 m in the New

Rugiloricus bacatus sp. nov. (Loricifera ‐Pliciloricidae) and a ghost‐larva with paedogenetic reproduction

Abstract A new species of Loricifera, Rugiloricus bacatus sp. nov. is described together with the diagnoses of two other Rugiloricus species, Rugiloricus sp. nov. A and B, from the Faroe Bank (North