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A new genus Bakuella Hypotrichida from the Caspian Sea and the Dzheiranbatansky water reservoir

  title={A new genus Bakuella Hypotrichida from the Caspian Sea and the Dzheiranbatansky water reservoir},
  author={F. Agamaliev and K. Alekperov},
Morphology and Molecular Phylogeny of Two New Brackish Water Ciliates of Bakuella (Ciliophora: Urostylida: Bakuellidae) from South Korea
Molecular phylogeny using SSU rRNA gene sequences shows a nonmonophyletic relationship among Bakuella species and emphasizes the need for further morphogenetic studies of this genus and other related hypotrichs.
Description and Morphogenesis of a Chinese Population of Bakuella granulifera Foissner, Agatha and Berger, 2002 (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)
The morphology and morphogenesis of Bakuella granulifera isolated from soil in the Chanba National Wetland Park, Xi’an, China, were studied based on in vivo observations and protargol staining and suggest that the genus Bakueella is ontogenetically diverse.
Redescription of two soil ciliates, Anteholosticha bergeri and Bakuella granulifera, from South Korea
Soil ciliates were first reported in South Korea by Shin (1993), and currently, more than 100 species are known (Jung et al., 2017; Kwon et al., 2019). In the plant rhizo­ sphere, soil ciliates
Reconsideration of the taxonomy of the marine ciliate Neobakuella aenigmatica Moon et al., 2019 (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)
The 18S rRNA gene sequence of the Chinese population is identical to that of a Korean population, supporting a distant relationship between N. aenigmatica and the cluster of N. flava and Apobakuella fusca.
The cadastre of free-living ciliates and testate amoebae of Azerbaijan
This monograhy summarizes the most recent knowledge on species diversity and distribution of free-living ciliates and testate amoebae in natural waters and soils of Azerbaijan. The section on
A Molecular Phylogenetic Investigation of Bakuella, Anteholosticha, and Caudiholosticha (Protista, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia) Based on Three‐Gene Sequences
All three genera should be regarded as the members of the order Urostyloida within the subclass Hypotrichia, as indicated by morphological characters and Bakuella has a closer relationship with U Frostyla than with bakuellids (e.g. Apobakuella and Metaurostylopsis), suggesting Bakueella may belong to the family Urostelidae rather than the family Bakuellidae.
Morphology and Small Subunit (SSU) rRNA Gene Sequence of the New Brackish Water Ciliate Neobakuella flava n. g., n. sp. (Ciliophora, Spirotricha, Bakuellidae) and SSU rRNA Gene Sequences of Six Additional Hypotrichs from Korea
The gene sequence data indicate a close relationship with Diaxonella and a distinct separation from the bakuellid Metaurostylopsis and parabirojimid ParabiroJimia, supporting the morphological separation from Holosticha.
New Contribution to the Morphology and Taxonomy of Four Marine Hypotrichous Ciliates from Qingdao, China (Protozoa: Ciliophora)
The morphology and infraciliature of four marine hypotrichous ciliates, Bakuella agamalievi Borror & Wicklow, 1983, Pseudokeronopsis flavicans, Holosticha heterofoissneri Hu & Song, 2001 and Cyrtohymena marina, China are investigated and redescribed.