A new generation of communication aids under the ULYSSES component-based framework


In this paper, we introduce a new generation of computer-based communication aids, designed and developed using state of the art software engineering models and architectures. The communicators we present are based on a component-based framework called ULYSSES that aims to simplify the integration of multi-vendor components into low cost products and maximizes modularity and reusability. Following the ULYSSES approach, one can build up powerful and reliable applications, adaptable to various user needs and requirements. For <i>developers</i> of AAC components, ULYSSES provides an engineering-for-reuse environment with guidelines and tools to build software modules, which can operate effectively and interact with each other transparently, without even being aware of each other's existence. Furthermore, ULYSSES grants a process of engineering-with-reuse for AAC system <i>integrators</i> for the selection and assembly of components on demand to build user-specific robust communicators out of pre-fabricated software parts. Thus, adding or removing characteristics and features as needed, is becoming an easy task for system AAC systems integrators. Three complete Interpersonal Communication Aids are presented as cases of ULYSSES application in this specific domain.

DOI: 10.1145/638249.638289

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