A new generation of bradykinin antagonists.

  title={A new generation of bradykinin antagonists.},
  author={John M Stewart and Lajos Gera and W L Hanson and John S. Zuzack and Michael Burkard and Rosann G McCullough and Eric T. Whalley},
  volume={33 1-3},
Bradykinin B2 receptors are constitutively expressed, and require the entire peptide chain of bradykinin for recognition. Expression of B1 receptors is induced in inflammation; they recognize BK-(1-8). Heretofore blockade of all the actions of bradykinin required two different antagonists, one for each class of receptors. The new antagonists described here are full chain antagonists having high potency on B2 receptors, but they are also very potent antagonists for B1 receptors. They are highly… CONTINUE READING

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