A new flavonoid from the aerial part of Thalictrum atriplex.

  title={A new flavonoid from the aerial part of Thalictrum atriplex.},
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Flavonoid glycosides isolated from the blue flowers of Nigella damascena
Two new kaempferol glycosides (1 and 2) were isolated from the blue flowers of Nigella damascena cv 'Ms Jekyll Blue' along with a known anthocyanin (3). The structures of 1 and 2 were elucidated by
Natural products from medicinal plants: non-alkaloidal natural constituents of the Thalictrum species.
In this review considerable attention has been given to triterpenoid saponins in connection with their specific distribution in the Thalictrum genus and with their biological activity.
Benzophenanthridine alkaloids from the roots of Thalictrum microgynum Lecoy.ex Oliv
Antibacterial activity of these compounds were tested and compound 1, 3 and 4 showed antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus with MIC values of 50, 100, 25 μg/mL, respectively.
Phytochemical and biological investigations of Atriplex semibacata R .BR. growing in Egypt.
The alcohol extract of Atriplex semibacata showed significant antimicrobial activity againstG-ve bacteria, moderate activity against G+ve bacteria and fungi, and Ether extract showed marked activity against EMTs, also the G-veacteria was greatly inhibited by the chloroform extract.
Cytotoxic triterpenoid saponins from Thalictrum atriplex
Two new cycloartane glycosides, cycloatriosides A and B, and a new oleanolic acid glycoside, thaliatrioside A, along with 7 known triterpenoids were isolated from Thalictrum atriplex and cytotoxic activities against human lung cancer cells A549 and human breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231 were evaluated.
Flavonoids and Terpenoids from Phlomis cashmeriana and their Chemotaxonomic significance
This study constitutes the first phytochemical work on P. cashmeriana and identifies twelve compounds that were individually identified by spectroscopic analyses and comparisons with reported data.