A new flavonoid from Selaginella tamariscina (Beauv.) Spring.

  title={A new flavonoid from Selaginella tamariscina (Beauv.) Spring.},
  author={Jian-Feng Liu and Kang-ping Xu and Fu-shuang Li and Jian Li Shen and Chang-ping Hu and Hui Zou and Fan Yang and Guo-ru Liu and Hong-Lin Xiang and Ying-jun Zhou and Yuanjian Li and Gui-Shan Tan},
  journal={Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={58 4},
A new flavonoid, 6-(2-hydroxy-5-carboxyphenyl)-apigenin (1), together with two new natural products, 3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-6,7-dihydroxy coumarin (2), 1-methoxy-3-methylanthraquinone (3) and four known compounds, were isolated from Selaginella tamariscina (BEAUV.) SPRING. The structures of the new isolated compounds were elucidated on the basis of 1D and 2D NMR as well as ESI-HR-MS spectroscopic analysis.