A new feathered maniraptoran dinosaur fossil that fills a morphological gap in avian origin

  title={A new feathered maniraptoran dinosaur fossil that fills a morphological gap in avian origin},
  author={X. Xu and Qi Zhao and M. Norell and C. Sullivan and D. Hone and G. M. Erickson and X. Wang and F. Han and Yu Guo},
  journal={Chinese Science Bulletin},
  • X. Xu, Qi Zhao, +6 authors Yu Guo
  • Published 2009
  • Biology
  • Chinese Science Bulletin
  • Recent fossil discoveries have substantially reduced the morphological gap between non-avian and avian dinosaurs, yet avians including Archaeopteryx differ from non-avian theropods in their limb proportions. In particular, avians have proportionally longer and more robust forelimbs that are capable of supporting a large aerodynamic surface. Here we report on a new maniraptoran dinosaur, Anchiornis huxleyi gen. et sp. nov., based on a specimen collected from lacustrine deposits of uncertain age… CONTINUE READING
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