A new experimental test of special relativity

  title={A new experimental test of special relativity},
  author={J. Shamir and R. Fox},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento B (1965-1970)},
  • J. Shamir, R. Fox
  • Published 1969
  • Physics
  • Il Nuovo Cimento B (1965-1970)
  • SummaryAlthough the special theory of relativity is almost generally accepted as a verified theory, existing experiments cannot distinguish it from a number of other rival theories that assume the existence of a preferred frame of reference (ether), and physical Lorentz contractions. It is shown that the Michelson-Morley experiment, performed in a solid transparent medium, is capable of such a distinction. The negative result of this experiment enhances the experimental basis of special… CONTINUE READING
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