A new ellagic acid derivative from Polygonum runcinatum

  title={A new ellagic acid derivative from Polygonum runcinatum},
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A new ellagic acid derivative, 3,3′-dimethylellagic acid-4′-O-(6″-galloyl)-β-d-glucoside, named runcinatside (5), together with four known compounds 3,3′-dimethylellagic acid (1), 3,3′,4′-trimethylellagic acid (2), 3,3′-dimethylellagic acid-4′-O-β-d-glucoside (3) and 3-methylellagic acid-4′-O-α-l-rhamno-pyranoside (4), was isolated from the roots of Polygonum runcinatum Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don Var. sinense Hemsl and the structures of these compounds were established by spectroscopic methods and… 
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A new coruleoellagic acid derivative is identified together with nine known compounds, 3,3′,4,4′,5′-pentamethylcoruleoelleragic acid, together with their structures by physical and spectroscopic data.
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In antimalarial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, PPAR and cytotoxic assays, some compounds have demonstrated moderate inhibitory potentials.
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Ellagic acid derivatives from the stem bark of Dipentodon sinicus
Ellagic acid derivatives were isolated from Dipentodon sinicus and their structures were identified as 3,3′,4′-tri-O-methylellagic acid (1), 3,3′-di-O-methylellagic acid (2), 4,4′-di-O-methylellagic
Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Polygonum runcinatum Buch.-Ham.var.sinense Hemsl.
Eight compounds were isolated from the ethanol extract of Polygonum runcinatum Buch.-Ham.var.sinense Hemsl.and identified by spectral analysis as 3,3′,4′-trimethyl ellagic acid(1), 3,3′-di-O-methyl
Eight compounds were isolated from the EtOH extraction of the twig of Sapium chihsinianum S.Lee.On the basis of spectroscopic methods,their structures were elucidated as
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AIM To study the chemical constituents of Sapium sebiferum stem bark. METHODS The material was extracted with 95% alcohol, and the EtOAc fraction was isolated and purified by using silica gel column
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Studies on antibacterial action of watery solution of P
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