A new device to quantify tactile sensation in neuropathy.

  title={A new device to quantify tactile sensation in neuropathy.},
  author={William Robert Kennedy and Mona M. Selim and Thaddeus S. Brink and James S. Hodges and Gwen Wendelschafer-Crabb and Shawn X Y-L Foster and Maria Nolano and V Provitera and Donald A. Simone},
  volume={76 19},
OBJECTIVE To devise a rapid, sensitive method to quantify tactile threshold of finger pads for early detection and staging of peripheral neuropathy and for use in clinical trials. METHODS Subjects were 166 healthy controls and 103 patients with, or at risk for, peripheral neuropathy. Subjects were screened by questionnaire. The test device, the Bumps, is a checkerboard-like smooth surface with 12 squares; each square encloses 5 colored circles. The subject explores the circles of each square… CONTINUE READING


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