A new design on multi-modal robotic focus attention

  title={A new design on multi-modal robotic focus attention},
  author={Chia-How Lin and Chia-Hsing Yang and Cheng-Kang Wang and Kai-Tai Song and Jwu-Sheng Hu},
  journal={RO-MAN 2008 - The 17th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication},
Human detection and tracking is important for user-friendly human-robot interaction. The robot should be able to find the user autonomously and keep its attention to the user in a human-like manner. In this paper, a design and experimental study of robust human detection and tracking is presented through fusion several modalities of sensory information. The multi-modal interaction design utilizes a combination of visual, audio, and laser scanner data for reliable detection and tracking of an… CONTINUE READING