A new design of ECLD for compact atomic clocks

  title={A new design of ECLD for compact atomic clocks},
  author={Sophie Perrin and F.-X. Esnault and David Holleville and St{\'e}phane Gu{\'e}randel and No{\"e}l Dimarcq and V. Ligeret},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium Joint with the 21st European Frequency and Time Forum},
Cold atom clocks would take great benefits of microgravity environment. In Relation with the clock developments, we work on miniature laser-cooling optical benches. In this article we describe a new design of compact external cavity laser diode, which exhibits up to 80 mW at the output of the ECLD for a diode current of 100 mA and a line width of about 150… CONTINUE READING