A new delay-SIR model for pulse vaccination


This paper introduces a new model for disease outbreaks. This model describes the disease evolution through a system of nonlinear differential equations with distributed-delay. The main difference between classical SIR-model resides in the fact that the recovery rate of the population is expressed as a distributed-delay term modeling the time spent being sick by infected people. This model is identified to fit realistic measurements which shows the effectiveness of the model. Finally, we develop an optimal campaign vaccination strategy based on recent results on the impulsive control of time-delay systems.

DOI: 10.1016/j.bspc.2009.06.003

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@article{Briat2009AND, title={A new delay-SIR model for pulse vaccination}, author={Corentin Briat and Erik I. Verriest}, journal={Biomed. Signal Proc. and Control}, year={2009}, volume={4}, pages={272-277} }