A new cyclic lipopeptide antibiotic, enamidonin.


Wehave been screening microbial fermentation for inhibitors of mitogenic activity of epidermal growth factor1?2). During the screening, a new lipopeptide antibiotic, enamidonin (Fig. 1) which shows detransforming activity of a rat cell line transformed with a temperature sensitive Rous sarcoma virus (src^-NRK cells), has been isolated from a culture broth of Streptomyces sp. 9 1 -75. The producing strain was isolated from a soil sample collected in Imaichi city, Tochigi prefecture and deposited at the National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technologyunder the accession number FERMP-14190. The strain was cultured at 28°C for 72hours in 500ml shaking flasks containing 70 ml of a mediumcomposed of glucose 2%, soluble starch 1%, meat extract 0.1%, dried yeast 0.4%, soybean flour 2.5%, sodium chloride .0.2% and dipotassium hydrogen phosphate 0.005%, adjusted to pH 7.0 before sterilization. A culture broth (5 liters) was filtered and the mycelial cake was extracted with 70% aqueous acetone. After removal of acetone, the aqueous residue was extracted twice with 5 liters of ethyl acetate. The extracts were combined and concentrated in vacuo to yield 0.3 g ofa syrup. The syrupy residue was applied to a silica gel column (6x 90cm) equilibrated with chloroform. The column was eluted stepwise with chloroform-methanol (50: 1, 10: 1, 5: 1 and 1 : 1). Active fractions eluted with solvents 5: 1 to 1 : 1 were combined and concentrated in vacuo to yield 60mg of a white powder. This was further purified by chromatography on a Sephadex LH-20 column with chloroform-methanol (1 : 1). A white powder (7.2mg)

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