A new class of endogenous human retroviral genomes.

  title={A new class of endogenous human retroviral genomes.},
  author={R. Neal Callahan and Ing- Ming Chiu and J. F. Wong and Steven R. Tronick and B. A. Roe and Stuart A. Aaronson and Jeffrey Schlom},
  volume={228 4704},
Human DNA contains multiple copies of a novel class of endogenous retroviral genomes. Analysis of a human recombinant DNA clone (HLM-2) containing one such proviral genome revealed that it is a mosaic of retroviral-related sequences with the organization and length of known endogenous retroviral genomes. The HLM-2 long terminal repeat hybridized with the long terminal repeat of the squirrel monkey virus, a type D retrovirus. The HLM-2 gag and pol genes share extensive nucleotide sequence… CONTINUE READING
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