A new class of carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.

  title={A new class of carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.},
  author={Thomas H. Maren and C W Conroy},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={268 35},
Aliphatic sulfonamides, as CH3SO2NH2, are very weak inhibitors of the carbonic anhydrases (KI congruent to 10(-4) M) and are extremely weak acids (Ka congruent to 10(-10.5) M). We now find CF3SO2NH2 a very potent inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase II (KI = 2 x 10(-9) M) and a much stronger acid (Ka = 10(-5.8) M). It freely dissolves in water, a 2% solution yielding pH 3.7, the strongest known sulfonamide acid. CHCl3/aqueous partition with this solution is very low, 0.006. The plot of CH3SO2NH2 and… CONTINUE READING
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