A new central supply system as alternative source for bicarbonate dialysate.


Bicarbonate dialysis is mandatory for high efficiency treatment. In most cases bicarbonate is delivered either as prepacked powder or as a stable liquid concentrate in 6-10 I plastic containers. With a newly designed central supply system (CSS) using 800 I tanks of custom-made sterile and pyrogen free concentrates, we investigated the risk of bacterial contamination of dialysate in a 30-bed dialysis unit. During three months, samples of reverse osmosis (RO) water, concentrates and dialysate were taken every two weeks. Colony forming units (CFU) were counted after 48 h incubation. Further samples were taken during nine months of continuous use of the CSS without further intermittent disinfection. None of the samples had greater than 10/ml CFU. Pseudomonas, corynebacteria and enterobacter were the predominant species. In summary, this CSS proved reliable in providing bacteriologically safe bicarbonate dialysate as defined by international standards (CFU less than 200/ml). It significantly reduces costs, workload and environmental pollution by plastic waste.

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