A new approach to the corporate image management process

  title={A new approach to the corporate image management process},
  author={P. S. B. Shee and Russell Abratt},
  journal={Journal of Marketing Management},
The author analyses the conceptual development of the corporate image process. Emphasis is placed on the difference between corporate image, corporate identity and corporate philosophy. These concepts are combined into a new process for the development image in the eyes of an organisation's publics. 

The Corporate Identity Management Process Revisited

This paper has two objectives. It attempts firstly to define a number of related concepts in the corporate identity management process and secondly, to update one of the earlier models of this

An integrated approach to corporate branding

This paper argues that successful corporate brands are the result of clearly articulated and communicated values; that consistency of communications is a virtue; and that internal and external

Corporate Image in the Context of Organizational Transformation: An Integrative Theoretical Model

Contemporary researchers often study the concepts of corporate image and organizational transformation from different perspectives: the first in marketing and the second in management. Yet there are

Corporate communications, identity and image: A research agenda

This paper focuses on the importance of corporate identity mix and unplanned (uncontrolled) communication elements in corporate image formation. It aims to define the scope of the communicators of

Corporate Identity, Corporate Branding and Brand Image

This dissertation aims to address the research gap which was evident on the apparel industry. The authors identified that additional research is required on how corporate identity influences the de

Corporate Identity: There Is More to It than Meets the Eye

This article looks at the surge of interest from marketing scholars and organizational behaviourists in two distinct but inextricably linked areas - corporate identity and organizational identity.

Determinants of the corporate identity construct: a review of the literature

Corporate identity has received significant attention from both academics and practitioners in the last 25 years. Despite many articles written in this area a definitive construct of corporate

Towards a definitive model of the corporate identity management process

Various writers have developed conceptual models of corporate image formation and corporate identity management. These models reflect the way in which corporate identity and corporate image have been

Development and management of corporate image in South Africa

Gathers empirical evidence on how South African organisations manage their corporate image management process. The aim is to establish whether one of the leading models of the corporate image

Exploring the logics of corporate brand identity formation

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyze the logics at work when companies decide what corporate features to communicate; which eventually also accounts for their corporate bran



Basic Dimensions of the Corporate Image

Studies of corporate image often proceed on the assumption that “expert” judges know which dimensions of a corporation's image the respondents consider when they think about the corporation. This

How Much of the Corporate Image is Stereotype?

This article discusses the possibility that the public attitude toward any business is largely influenced by a stereotype. If indicates that language factors located by communications research


A good image can help strengthen sales and enhance a company's ability to obtain financing. It is vital to keep one's corporate image from becoming outdated.

Corporate Identity: Beyond the Visual Overstatements

Advertising and design are only part of the total marketing/communications mix. Favourable reputations are not made simply with clever visual schemes or even from the provision of what the market

Nurturing Corporate Images

Concerns itself with the way in which company images are formed and disseminated and discusses work carried out among the employees, suppliers and purchasers of a heavy goods manufacturing company.

The Corporate Image in Public Relations

Despite huge dollar outlays for corporate pub. lie relations, many public.relations programs designed to sen-e long-range corporate goals fall far short of the mark. Usually the basic reason is that

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing takes a practical, managerial approach to marketing. Continuing with tradition, it is rich in topical examples and applications that show the major decisions that marketing

How to Evaluate your Company Image

The highlights of a new and unique approach to this problem of how to create the right kind of public image for their company are explained.

Frame of Reference of Image Responses

There is clear-cut evidence that frames of reference used in answering image questions may vary according to recency of experience.

Managing tke Corporate Image, Westport Connecticut, Quoruni

  • 1986