A new approach to induce mango shoot maturation in Brazilian semi-arid environment

  title={A new approach to induce mango shoot maturation in Brazilian semi-arid environment},
  author={{\'I}. Cavalcante and Guilherme Neves Ferreira dos Santos and M. A. Silva and R. Martins and A. M. N. Lima and Pedro Igor Rodrigues Modesto and Adilson Monteiro Alcobia and T. R. Silva and Renata Ara{\'u}jo e Amariz and M. Z. Beckmann-Cavalcante},
  journal={Journal of applied botany and food quality},
The shoot maturation phase is important for growing mangoes because it precedes the floral induction, when plants are under stress caused by high temperatures and low water availability. Abiotic stress could be alleviated by using plant biostimulant which alters the phytohormone and carbohydrates biosynthesis. Thus, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the use a plant biostimulant containing Ascophyllum nodosum to induce shoot maturation of mango cv. Palmer grown in semi-arid environment… Expand

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