A new approach to high-quality patient-specific hyperthermia treatment

  title={A new approach to high-quality patient-specific hyperthermia treatment},
  author={Myles H. Capstick and Esra Neufeld and Marie-Christine Gosselin and Dimce Iliev and Julien Renggli and Danilo Selic and Bruno Rivara and Steffen Deubler and Manuel Guidon and Niels Kuster},
  journal={2015 9th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)},
Achieving good quality hyperthermia treatments places extremely high demands on both the applicator hardware and the treatment planning software and further requires an interface between the two modalities that guarantees precise steering and treatment delivery. We propose a paradigm that addresses all of these challenges with a flexible and light applicator, based on an innovative mask concept, placed on the patient and validated software optimized for patient-specific treatment, which… CONTINUE READING