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A new approach to The design of switching circuits

  title={A new approach to The design of switching circuits},
  author={H. Allen Curtis},

OBDD-based function decomposition: algorithms and implementation

Algorithms for disjunctive and nondisjunctive decomposition of Boolean functions and Boolean methods for identifying common subfunctions from multiple Boolean functions are presented and results are presented.

SMTBDD: New Form of BDD for Logic Synthesis

The article presents the methods of searching non-disjoint decomposition using SMTBDD diagrams, and analyzes the techniques of choosing cutting levels as far as effective technology mapping is concerned.

A comparison of modified reconstructability analysis and Ashenhurst‐Curtis decomposition of Boolean functions

Modified reconstructability analysis (MRA), a novel decomposition technique within the framework of set‐theoretic (crisp possibilistic) reconstructability analysis, is applied to three‐variable

Exploiting Functional Properties of Boolean Functions for Optimal Multi-Level Design by Bi-Decomposition

Experimental results over MCNC benchmarks show that the bi-decomposition outperforms SIS and other BDD-based decomposition methods interms of area and delay of the resulting circuits with comparableCPU time.

Boolean decomposition in combinational logic synthesis

A heuristic algorithm for disjoint decomposition of a Boolean function based on its representation as a Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram (ROBDD) is proposed, feasible for large functions.

Decomposition of Relations: A New Approach to Constructive Induction in Machine Learning and Data Mining -- An Overview

This is a review paper that presents work done at Portland State University and associated groups in years 1989 2001 in the area of functional decomposition of multi-valued functions and relations,

A New Representation of Strongly Unspeciied Switching Functions and Its Application to Multi-level And/or/exor Synthesis

A generalized, goal-oriented multi-level decomposition, that makes special use of EXOR-based decompositions, is discussed, that includes the decomposition of Ashenhurst, Curtis, Steinbach, Luba et al, and Perkowski et al as special cases.

Controllability decomposition of dynamic-algebraic Boolean control networks

Two types of controllability of dynamic-algebraic Boolean control networks are presented and the corresponding algorithms are provided, which differs from that of the conventional Boolean networks.

Area–Oriented Technology Mapping for LUT–Based Logic Blocks

The paper shows that logic optimization can be efficiently carried out by using multiple decomposition and that the proposed technology mapping strategy leads to good results in terms of the number of CLBs.

Bi-decomposition of multi-valued logical functions and its applications