A new and endemic species of Drosera (Droseraceae) from Madagascar

  title={A new and endemic species of Drosera (Droseraceae) from Madagascar},
  author={Andreas S. Fleischmann and Nivo H. Rakotoarivelo and Aymeric Roccia and Paulo Minatel Gonella and Lala Roger Andriamiarisoa and Aina Razanatsima and Fortunat Rakotoarivony},
  journal={Plant Ecology and Evolution},
1Botanische Staatssammlung München (SNSB-BSM), Menzinger Strasse 67, D-80638 Munich, Germany 2GeoBio-Center LMU (Center of Geobiology and Biodiversity Research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University), Munich, Germany 3Missouri Botanical Garden, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program, BP 3391, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar 473 000 Chambéry, France 5Instituto Nacional da Mata Atlântica (INMA), Av. José Ruschi, 4, Santa Teresa, Espírito Santo, Brazil *Corresponding author: fleischmann@bio.lmu.de… 

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