A new anatomic technique for type II SLAP lesions repair


A new and more anatomical technique for SLAP II lesions repair is described. It consists in the reattachment of the medial aspect of the biceps anchor to the superior glenoid neck with a mattress stitch posterior and medial to the biceps anchor and a simple stitch placed anteriorly to the biceps. From 2011 to 2012, 14 patients matching the inclusion criteria were selected for the study. A visual analogic scale, ROWE, UCLA, ASES and Constant scores were used to make evaluation. The passive ROM before surgery, at final follow-up, and the resumption of sports activities were analysed. The Constant, ASES, UCLA and ROWE scores passed from 64.6 (SD 13.9), 76.9 (SD 22.4), 28.4 (SD 23.8) and 53.6 (SD 20.6) to, respectively, 92.6 (SD 11.8), 108.3 (SD 8.5), 33.6 (SD 2.7) and 96.5 (SD 7.2) at final follow-up. Of the four patients who had participated in agonistic overhead athletics preoperatively, all of them were able to return to their preinjury level. No complications were observed in the present study. In our technique, the anatomy is respected leaving the articular aspect of the superior labrum loose and reinforcing the medial side. The clinical relevance of this work is that probably this technique could improve clinical results, giving a better mobility of the shoulder and a return to the same preoperative level in overhead athletes.

DOI: 10.1007/s00167-014-3440-4

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