A new algorithm of topology discovery in IPv4/v6 network

  title={A new algorithm of topology discovery in IPv4/v6 network},
  author={Mo Tian-hu},
A new IPv4/v6 topology discovery algorithm presents after thorough analysis of the characteristic of the Dual-stack technology and the Tunnel technology.The new algorithm obtains network topology by address information of the active host's ARP table in IPv4 network segment.Besides,it adopts multicast,hierarchical methods to proceed with topology discovery in IPv6 subnet.The thought of IPv6 hierarchical topology discovery methods is to search for the middile hiberarchy according to distance… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • The experiment results show that the efficiency increases 10% by IPv4/v6 topology discovery algorithm,the loss rate of port is less than 2%,which reduces the redundancy.

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