A new Xinjiangchelyid turtle (Testudines, Eucryptodira) from the Jurassic Qigu Formation of the southern Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, north‐west China

  title={A new Xinjiangchelyid turtle (Testudines, Eucryptodira) from the Jurassic Qigu Formation of the southern Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, north‐west China},
  author={Andreas T. Matzke and Michael W. Maisch and Sun Ge and Hans-Ulrich Pfretzschner and Henrik St{\"o}hr},
A new eucryptodiran turtle, Xinjiangchelys qiguensis sp. nov. from the Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian — ?Kimmeridgian) Qigu Formation of the southern Junggar Basin (north‐west China) is described. The type material consists of a partial skeleton, including the complete carapace, plastron, nearly all cervical vertebrae, both scapulae, the pelvis and one ulna. It is clearly identifiable as a basal eucryptodire since it lacks the mesoplastron. It is distinguished from other species of Xinjiangchelys by… 
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Five fossil turtle species (?Sichuanchelys sp., three species of Xinjiangchelys, and an indeterminate species of Annemys) are present in the Shishugou Formation (late Middle to early Late Jurassic)
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Xinjiangchelys oshanensis (YE, 1973) was originally described as Plesiochelys oshanensis YE, 1973 from the Jurassic Upper Lufeng series of Eshan, Yunnan Province, China. The species was based on a
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The Trematosauroidea, which was hitherto exclusively known from the Lower to early Upper Triassic, therefore joins the Brachyopoidea – and possibly the Capitosauroidesa – as another group of temnospondyls which survived the end-Triassic mass extinction.


New material of Xinjiangchelys (Reptilia: Testudines) from the Late Jurassic Qigu Formation (Shishugou Group) of the Pingfengshan locality, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang
The Late Jurassic Qigu Formation of the Shishugou Group in the Pingfengshan locality contains a vertebrate fauna dominated by two taxa of turtles, both members of the genus Xinjiangchelys, which are specifically indeterminate in having a long narrow plastral lobe.
Otwayemys, a new cryptodiran turtle from the early Cretaceous of Australia. American Museum novitates ; no. 3233
The Early Cretaceous Eumeralla Formation, Otway Group, of Cape Otway, Victoria, Australia, has yielded remains of a new genus of eucryptodiran turtle, Otwayemys cunicularius, n. gen., n. sp.
Sedimentary record and climatic implications of recurrent deformation in the Tian Shan: Evidence from Mesozoic strata of the north Tarim, south Junggar, and Turpan basins, northwest China
Detailed stratigraphic, sedimentologic, paleocurrent, and subsidence analyses were conducted on Mesozoic nonmarine sedimentary sections of the south Junggar, north Tarim, and Turpan basins, Xinjang
INTRODUCTION The following described materials have been unearthed partly during the construction of the Ch ngtu-Chungking Railway mainly in 1951 and partly during the clearing away the building
The Origin of Genera
ALTHOUGH it is now two years since the publication of Prof. Cope's “fragmentary essay,”as he modestly terms it, bearing the above title, it may not be out of place, in the present stage of the theory
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