A new Thismia (Burmanniaceae) from French Guiana

  title={A new Thismia (Burmanniaceae) from French Guiana},
  author={H. J. L. Maas and Paul J. M. Maas},
Thismia saülensis is described and illustrated. 
The biology of myco-heterotrophic ('saprophytic') plants.
  • J. Leake
  • Medicine, Biology
    The New phytologist
  • 1994
Most myco-heterotrophs are entirely subterranean for most of their lives and these stages exhibit adaptations consistent with a change in function from organs of absorption to organs of storage, shown by the almost universal loss of root hairs, decrease in surface area.
Specific epithets of the flowering plants of central French Guiana
The epithets of the flowering plants of central French Guiana are classified into derivation categories and many of the species names, such as those relating to place and person, are easy to categorize, many others are open to different interpretations.
Taxonomy and Classification
This chapter provides a description of all plant families and genera that include putative fully mycoheterotrophic species, excluding initial and partial mycoheterotrophs. The overview covers a total
Subterranean Morphology and Mycorrhizal Structures
This chapter focuses on the structural diversity of the underground organs of mycoheterotrophic plants and the complex mycorrhizal colonization patterns observed using a variety of microscopic methods.