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A new Olympus assay for the determination of ceruloplasmin.

  title={A new Olympus assay for the determination of ceruloplasmin.},
  author={Tracey C Larkin and Teresina A Fingleton and Matthew Mccusker and M Cassidy and Gerhard Dr. Gunzer and C A Lepp and E. G. Gamboa},
  journal={Clinical laboratory},
  volume={50 3-4},
Ceruloplasmin's main clinical importance is in the diagnosis of Wilson's disease, where plasma ceruloplasmin concentration is reduced. Increased levels are particularly notable in diseases of the reticuloendothelial system such as Hodgkin's disease as well as during pregnancy or use of contraceptive pills. This paper describes a new Olympus assay OSR6164 for the determination of ceruloplasmin on the Olympus AU640E, AU400E and AU2700 analytical systems. The turbidimetric assay has a linear… 
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