A new Neotropical genus of bee flies (Diptera, Bombyliidae, Phthiriinae).

  title={A new Neotropical genus of bee flies (Diptera, Bombyliidae, Phthiriinae).},
  author={Carolina Yamaguchi and Carlos Jos{\'e} Einicker Lamas and Neal L Evenhuis},
  volume={4363 4},
A new genus of Phthiriinae, Hirsutophallus gen. nov. is described, based on the examination of male and female specimens from the Andean region of Bolivia and Argentina. Hirsutophallus gen. nov. contains several characters that distinguish it from other Phthiriinae genera, such as: prominent tip on the lateral margin of the scape; lower lobes on epiphallus; prominent lateral lobes on epiphallus, with dorsal macrosetae; penial guide of distiphallus with long and dense macrosetae on dorsal… 
Phylogenomics reveals accelerated late Cretaceous diversification of bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae)
The dating analyses indicate a Jurassic origin of the Bombyliidae, with the sand chamber evolving early in bee fly evolution, in the late Jurassic or mid‐Cretaceous, and it is hypothesized that the angiosperm radiation and the hothouse climate established during the late Cretaceous accelerated the diversification of bee flies.