A new Neosigara from Colombia with a key to species and ecological notes (Heteroptera: Corixidae)

  title={A new Neosigara from Colombia with a key to species and ecological notes (Heteroptera: Corixidae)},
  author={Dora Nancy Padilla Gil and Nico Nieser},
  journal={Aquatic Insects},
Neosigara akanthinomeros sp. n. from Cundinamarca province in Colombia is described, a key to males of all six species of the genus Neosigara diagnoses of adults and notes on the ecology, eggs and fifth instar larvae of the five Colombian species of the genus and Orocorixa makrocheira Nieser and Padilla, which is often found together with Neosigara spp., are presented. 
A new species of Neosigara Lundblad (Heteroptera: Corixidae) from Colombia with a revised key to adults Íîâûé âèä Neosigara Lundblad (Heteroptera: Corixidae) èç Êîëóìáèè è îïðåäåëèòåëüíû å òàáëèöû äëÿ èìàãî ðîäà
All measurements were made with a Leica MZ-12 stereomicroscope equipped with a drawing tube and the material examined is preserved in ethanol, unless noted otherwise.
The Heteropterans (Gerromorpha and Nepomorpha) of Andean lakes from Colombia
The Nepomorpha and Gerromorpha heteropterans are highly diverse, mainly in Neotropical aquatic ecosystems; however, their composition in the lakes of the Tropical Andes is poorly known. This article
Description of the Immature Stages of Sigara (Aphelosigara) tucma
The last three nymphal instars of S. tucma can be easily recognized by the body and head lengths and widths, the number of transverse sulcations of the rostrum, and the chaetotaxy of trochanters, protibiotarsus, midlegs, metatibia, and metatarsus.
Studies on the chorionic structure of the eggs of Corixoidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) with scanning electron microscopy.
The sculpturing of the chorion and the structure of the micropylar area here in studied using scanning electron microscopy together with the length of the stalk distinguish the eggs of the genera and subgenera of Corixoidea present in Argentina.


Imms' General textbook of entomology
Imms's general textbook of entomology , Imms's general textbook of entomology , کتابخانه الکترونیک و دیجیتال - آذرسا