A new ELISA for the detection of double-stranded DNA antibodies.

  title={A new ELISA for the detection of double-stranded DNA antibodies.},
  author={W Emlen and P Jarusiripipat and G. D. Burdick},
  journal={Journal of immunological methods},
  volume={132 1},
The accurate detection of antibodies to double-stranded DNA is important in the diagnosis and management of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). We have developed an ELISA in which plasmid dsDNA is biotinylated and bound to streptavidin coated wells. The biotinylated DNA did not lose is antigenicity, and the DNA which bound to the plate remained double-stranded. Only small amounts of DNA were required to coat the plates, and binding was highly reproducible. After defining the… CONTINUE READING
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