A new Buddhist sect?: The Dhammakāya temple and the politics of religious difference

  title={A new Buddhist sect?: The Dhammakāya temple and the politics of religious difference},
  author={Rachel M Scott},
  pages={215 - 230}
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Constructing 'Buddhism': A Comparative Analysis of Buddhist Group Narratives in Scotland

This thesis examines some mechanisms underpinning the construction of the public discourse on Buddhism in Scotland in general and Buddhist group narratives about Buddhism in particular. Chapter 1



Precept and practice: traditional Buddhism in the rural highlands of Ceylon,

Introduction - aims and scope of the book the problem - religious change why Ceylon? history, geography and economy of Ceylon field-work and presentation Sinhalese Buddhism - orthodox or

New Buddhist Movements in Thailand: An ‘Individualistic Revolution’, Reform and Political Dissonance

  • J. Taylor
  • History
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 1990
Throughout Thai history there have been religious ascetics credited with the ability of precognition (mii yaan) as a result of accumulated virtues and meditation abilities. One such religious figure,

Buddhism Unshackled: The Yuan ‘Holy Man’ Tradition and the Nation-State in the Tai World

  • P. Cohen
  • Philosophy
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Yuan Buddhism is a particular variant of Theravada Buddhism that prevails among the Tai-speaking people of the upper Mekong region. A salient feature of Yuan Buddhism is belief in ‘holy men’ who gain

Empire of Crystal and Utopian Commune: Two Types of Contemporary Theravada Reform in Thailand

This paper examines the cultural formation of two contemporary Thai religious movements, Thammakaay and Santi Asok. Both combine, in different manners, certain traditional cultural elements with

Buddhism and National Integration in Thailand

  • C. Keyes
  • Education
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Buddhism in Thailand has been both subjected to integrative policies advanced by the Thai government and manipulated as an instrument for promoting national integration. As a result of reforms

The buddhist saints of the forest and the cult of amulets

The central actors in this book are some reclusive forest-dwelling ascetic meditation masters who have been acclaimed as 'saints' in contemporary Thailand. These saints originally pursued their

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Methodological issues the "suicide cults" the old new religions the "new Christian" movements new religions in the Hindu tradition new forms of Buddhism independent new religions the human potential

The future of religion: Secularization, revival, and cult formation

Religion is alive and well in the modern world, and the social-scientific study of religion is undergoing a renaissance. For much of this century, respected social theorists predicted the death of

Forest Recollections: Wandering Monks in Twentieth-Century Thailand

During the first half of this century the forests of Thailand were home to wandering ascetic monks. They were Buddhists, but their brand of Buddhism did not copy the practices described in ancient

Keeping the faith : Thai Buddhism at the crossroads

There is something to be said for shopping in bookstores rather than on the Internet only. Had I not visited a number of English-language bookstores during a recent trip to Thailand, I would have