A new (propylphenyl)bibenzyl from Eria bambusifolia.

  title={A new (propylphenyl)bibenzyl from Eria bambusifolia.},
  author={Rui Zhan and Yan Zhang and Lijun Chen and Yegao Chen},
  journal={Natural product research},
  volume={30 15},
A new (propylphenyl)bibenzyl, bambusifolol (1), along with six known compounds, batatasin III (2), tristin (3), 3-hydroxy-5-methoxy bibenzyl (4), gigantol (5), 3',5-dimethoxy-9,9'-diacetyl-4,7'-epoxy-3,8'-bilign-7-ene-4'-methol (6) and balanophonin (7) were isolated from the whole plants of Eria bambusifolia. Their structures were elucidated by the means of extensive spectroscopic analysis. 3-7 were isolated from the genus Eria for the first time and 2 obtained originally from E. bambusifolia… CONTINUE READING

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