A network-based localized mobility solution for Distributed Mobility Management


Internet traffic has increased steeply in recent years, due in great part to social platforms and peer-to-peer networks. In addition, users’ wireless access represents an ever-growing portion of such demand, thus posing a paradigm shift in the flow of Internet information, for which most deployed architectures are not prepared for. This evolution in user traffic demand is tackled by a different approach for IP mobility, called Distributed Mobility Management, that is focusing on moving the mobility anchors from the core network and pushing them closer to the users, at the edge of the network. The work presented here copes with the distributed approach, describing a novel solution for network-based localized mobility support in a flat architecture without central mobility anchors. It leverages PMIPv6 standard, but it is intended to overcome most of the issues in current centralized architectures, by splitting the control plane from the data plane and distributing them throughout the access networks.

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