A nested polyhedra model of turbulence

  title={A nested polyhedra model of turbulence},
  author={Ozgur D. Gurcan},
  • O. Gurcan
  • Published 4 March 2016
  • Computer Science
A discretization of the wave-number space is proposed, using nested polyhedra, in the form of alternating dodecahedra and icosahedra that are self-similarly scaled. This particular choice allows the possibility of forming triangles using only discretized wave-vectors when the scaling between two consecutive dodecahedra is equal to the golden ratio, and the icosahedron between the two dodecahedra is the dual of the inner dodecahedron. Alternatively, the same discretization can be described as a… 
Fluid dynamics on logarithmic lattices
Open problems in fluid dynamics, such as the existence of finite-time singularities (blowup), explanation of intermittency in developed turbulence, etc, are related to multi-scale structure and
Cascades and transitions in turbulent flows


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