A neocentromere in the DAZ region of the human Y chromosome

  title={A neocentromere in the DAZ region of the human Y chromosome},
  author={Giovanna Floridia and Giorgio Gimelli and Orsetta Zuffardi and William C Earnshaw and Peter E. Warburton and Chris Tyler-Smith},
We describe a novel rearranged human Y chromosome consisting of an inverted duplication of the long arm heterochromatin and a small amount of euchromatin: rea(Y)(qter–q11.2::q11.2–qter). The normal centromere has been deleted and a neocentromere containing CENP-A, -C, -E and Mad2 but not CENP-B has formed close to the breakpoint. A 2.7 Mb yeast artificial chromosome contig spanning the breakpoint was constructed and the breakpoint was localised to a region of <120 kb close to the DAZ gene… CONTINUE READING


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Analysis of the structure and function of the human centromere / kinetochore complex using combined immunofluorescence and FISH to normal and variant centromeres

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