A natural hypomorphic variant of the apoptosis regulator Gimap4/IAN1.

  title={A natural hypomorphic variant of the apoptosis regulator Gimap4/IAN1.},
  author={Christine E. Carter and Carine Dion and Silke Schnell and W. John Coadwell and Margaret E. Graham and L Garnery HR Hepburn and Geoffrey Morgan and Amanda Hutchings and John C Pascall and Heinz Jacobs and Justin R. Miller and Geoffrey W Butcher},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={179 3},
The Gimap/IAN family of GTPases has been implicated in the regulation of cell survival, particularly in lymphomyeloid cells. Prosurvival and prodeath properties have been described for different family members. We generated novel serological reagents to study the expression in rats of the prodeath family member Gimap4 (IAN1), which is sharply up-regulated at or soon after the stage of T cell-positive selection in the thymus. During these investigations we were surprised to discover a severe… CONTINUE READING
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