A national prevalence study on nosocomial infections 1988.

  title={A national prevalence study on nosocomial infections 1988.},
  author={Somwang Danchaivijitr and S Chokloikaew},
  journal={Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet},
  volume={72 Suppl 2},
A National survey of N.I. in Thailand was done in April 1988. Twenty-three hospitals throughout the country were enrolled. Of the 6,805 patients studied, 52 per cent were males and 48 per cent were females. The prevalence rate of nosocomial infections was 11.7 per cent. The highest rate was found in the second biggest (regional) hospitals (18.8%). There were minor variations in the rates of infection in each age group. The infection rate was highest in intensive care units (35.1%) followed by… CONTINUE READING