A multiphase constitutive modeling framework for unsaturated soil behavior

  title={A multiphase constitutive modeling framework for unsaturated soil behavior},
  author={Giang D. Nguyen and Yixiang Gan},
  journal={arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter},
  • G. Nguyen, Y. Gan
  • Published 31 October 2013
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter
We develop a framework for constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils that has the embedded elements of lower scale grain to grain contacts. Continuum models developed from this framework will possess two different phases idealizing the solid grains and their interactions. As a consequence, two different constitutive relationships, corresponding to the grain to grain contact and bulk behavior, co-exist in a constitutive model and govern the response of the model. To be specific, grain to grain… 
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