A multimodular algorithm for computing Bernoulli numbers

  title={A multimodular algorithm for computing Bernoulli numbers},
  author={D. Harvey},
  journal={Math. Comput.},
  • D. Harvey
  • Published 2010
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Math. Comput.
  • We describe an algorithm for computing Bernoulli numbers. Using a parallel implementation, we have computed B(k) for k = 10^8, a new record. Our method is to compute B(k) modulo p for many small primes p, and then reconstruct B(k) via the Chinese Remainder Theorem. The asymptotic time complexity is O(k^2 log(k)^(2+epsilon)), matching that of existing algorithms that exploit the relationship between B(k) and the Riemann zeta function. Our implementation is significantly faster than several… CONTINUE READING

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