A multimodal augmented reality DJ music system

  title={A multimodal augmented reality DJ music system},
  author={F. Farbiz and K. Tang and C. Manders and Chong Jyh Herng and Y. Tan and Kejian Wang and W. Ahmad},
  journal={2007 6th International Conference on Information, Communications \& Signal Processing},
  • F. Farbiz, K. Tang, +4 authors W. Ahmad
  • Published 2007
  • Computer Science
  • 2007 6th International Conference on Information, Communications & Signal Processing
One of the goals of human-computer interaction is to utilize more intuitive and natural methods for communication. This goal has become of particular importance in augmented reality (AR) applications. Developing such interaction techniques is critical since traditional interfaces (keyboard, mouse) are cumbersome and awkward in AR environments. This paper provides a description of a real-time interactive multimodal augmented reality entertainment system. The system design is based on the DJ… Expand
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  • R. Bolt
  • Computer Science
  • SIGGRAPH '80
  • 1980
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  • US Patent
  • 2002