A multidisciplinary approach for sustainable management of a complex coastal plain: The case of Sibari Plain (Southern Italy)

  title={A multidisciplinary approach for sustainable management of a complex coastal plain: The case of Sibari Plain (Southern Italy)},
  author={Giovanni Vespasiano and Giuseppe Cianflone and Antonio Romanazzi and Carmine Apollaro and Rocco Dominici and Maurizio Polemio and Rosanna De Rosa},
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Hydrostratigraphic Framework and Physicochemical Status of Groundwater in the Gioia Tauro Coastal Plain (Calabria—Southern Italy)
In this study, we analysed the Gioia Tauro Plain (Tyrrhenian coast, southern Italy) in terms of hydrostratigraphy and the physicochemical status of groundwater. We investigated the hydrostratigraphic
Geochemical, Geological and Groundwater Quality Characterization of a Complex Geological Framework: The Case Study of the Coreca Area (Calabria, South Italy)
Hydrogeochemical characterization and statistical methods were used to investigate the groundwater quality and the origin of constituents (anthropic or natural) in groundwater of the Coreca area
Different Ground Subsidence Contributions Revealed by Integrated Discussion of Sentinel-1 Datasets, Well Discharge, Stratigraphical and Geomorphological Data: The Case of the Gioia Tauro Coastal Plain (Southern Italy)
Groundwater is the main water supply for agricultural and industrial needs in many coastal plains worldwide. Groundwater depletion often triggers land subsidence, which threatens manmade
Conceptual and Mathematical Modeling of a Coastal Aquifer in Eastern Delta of R. Nestos (N. Greece)
In this paper, the development of the conceptual and groundwater flow model for the coastal aquifer system of the alluvial plain of River Nestos (N. Greece), that suffers from seawater intrusion due
Hydrogeochemistry and Groundwater Quality Assessment in the High Agri Valley (Southern Italy)
The High Agri Valley (southern Italy) is one of the largest intermontane basin of the southern Apennines affected by intensive agricultural and industrial activities. The study of groundwater
The Issue of Groundwater Salinization in Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean Region: A Review
The Mediterranean area is undergoing intensive demographic, social, cultural, economic, and environmental changes. This generates multiple environmental pressures such as increased demand for water
Modeling of hydrochemistry evolution in carbonatic–siliciclastic aquifer system in coastal environment
Coastal regions are quite populous, causing coastal aquifers to be overexploited, due to which contamination of these aquifers is observed. The municipality of Belém, located on the eastern edge of
Assessing Aquifer Water Level and Salinity for a Managed Artificial Recharge Site Using Reclaimed Water
This study was carried out to examine the impact of an artificial recharge site on groundwater level and salinity using treated domestic wastewater for the Korba aquifer (north eastern Tunisia). The


Hydrogeological and isotopic study of the multi-aquifer system of the Sibari Plain (Calabria, Southern Italy)
Geochemical study allowed to recognize four groups of groundwater for the Sibari Plain (Southern Italy): Ca–HCO3, Na–Cl, Ca–Cl and Na–HCO3. Chloride-rich waters are located close to the Crati mouth
Coastal hydrogeological system of Mar Piccolo (Taranto, Italy)
The paper aims to define the contribution of subaerial and submarine coastal springs to the hydrological dynamic equilibrium of this internal sea basin, which represents a peculiar and sensitive environment and a social emergency because of sea water and sediment pollution.
Monitoring and Management of Karstic Coastal Groundwater in a Changing Environment (Southern Italy): A Review of a Regional Experience
The population concentration in coastal areas and the increase of groundwater discharge in combination with the peculiarities of karstic coastal aquifers constitute a huge worldwide problem, which is
A groundwater flow model for water resources management in the Ismarida plain, North Greece
This paper presents the development of a regional flow simulation model of the stream–aquifer system of Ismarida plain, northeastern Greece. It quantifies the water budget for this aquifer system and
Climate change and modeling of an unconfined aquifer: the Triffa plain, Morocco
The Triffa plain covering about 307 km2 is located in the semiarid region of northeastern Morocco. The cover consists of Quaternary and Mio-Pliocene formations, including alluvial material, silt,
Flood risk mitigation and anthropogenic modifications of a coastal plain in southern Italy combined effects over the past 150 years
Abstract. A study of the effects of human modification of a coastal plain mainly involving land reclamation and flood protection is proposed. The approach involves historical, geomorphological and
Groundwater pumping and land subsidence in the Emilia‐Romagna coastland, Italy: Modeling the past occurrence and the future trend
The Emilia‐Romagna coastland south of the Po River delta, Italy, has experienced a dramatic land settlement mainly due to the large groundwater withdrawal related to the local economic and tourist