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A more complete version of a minimax theorem

  title={A more complete version of a minimax theorem},
  author={Biagio Ricceri},
In this paper, we present a more complete version of the minimax theorem established in [7]. As a consequence, we get, for instance, the following result: Let X be a compact, not singleton subset of a normed space (E, ‖ · ‖) and let Y be a convex subset of E such that X ⊆ Y . Then, for every convex set S ⊆ Y dense in Y , for every upper semicontinuous bounded function γ : X → R and for every λ > 4 supX |γ| diam(X) , there exists y ∈ S such that the function x→ γ(x) + λ‖x− y‖ has at least two… 
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