A molecular-mechanical model of the microtubule.

  title={A molecular-mechanical model of the microtubule.},
  author={Maxim I. Molodtsov and Elena Ermakova and Emmanuil E. Shnol and Ekaterina L Grishchuk and J Richard McIntosh and Fazoil I. Ataullakhanov},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={88 5},
Dynamic instability of MTs is thought to be regulated by biochemical transformations within tubulin dimers that are coupled to the hydrolysis of bound GTP. Structural studies of nucleotide-bound tubulin dimers have recently provided a concrete basis for understanding how these transformations may contribute to MT dynamic instability. To analyze these ideas, we have developed a molecular-mechanical model in which structural and biochemical properties of tubulin are used to predict the shape and… CONTINUE READING