A molecular genetic model of human bladder cancer pathogenesis.

  title={A molecular genetic model of human bladder cancer pathogenesis.},
  author={Catherine A. Reznikoff and Cassandra D. Belair and Thomas R Yeager and Elena Savelieva and Robert Blelloch and Jairaj Puthenveettil and S Cuthill},
  journal={Seminars in oncology},
  volume={23 5},
An understanding of the biological significance of the multiple genetic alterations identified in clinical bladder cancers to the stepwise pathogenesis of the disease is evolving. Alterations in p53 and pRb, products of the chromosomes 17p13 TP53 and 13q14 RB tumor suppressor genes, occur in approximately 50% and approximately 33% of bladder cancers respectively, and are associated with later stage, higher grade disease. p53 and pRb alterations are also known to occur in early stage bladder… CONTINUE READING

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