A molecular gas bridge between the Taffy galaxies

  title={A molecular gas bridge between the Taffy galaxies},
  author={Jonathan Braine and E. Davoust and Mengqi Zhu and Ute Lisenfeld and Christian Motch and Ernest R. Seaquist},
  • Jonathan Braine, E. Davoust, +3 authors Ernest R. Seaquist
  • Published 2003
  • Physics
  • The Taffy Galaxies system, UGC 12914/5, contains huge amounts of molecular gas in the bridge region between the receding spirals after a direct collision. $2{-}9 \times 10^9$ $M_\odot$ of molecular gas is present between the galaxies, more than the CO emission from the entire Milky Way! Such dense gas can only be torn off by collisions between dense clouds, in this case with relative velocities of about 800 ${\rm \, km \, s^{-1}}$, such that the remnant cloud acquires an intermediate velocity… CONTINUE READING

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