A model of myocardial lesions of varied severity


To evaluate the therapeut ic ef fec ts of d rugs it is n e c e s s a r y to study the i r mechan i sm of action on mode ls of pathological p r o c e s s e s [2]. Both vascu l a r and metabol ic d i s tu rbances in the myoca rd ium play ve ry impor tant ro les in the development of i sochemic hear t d i sease [3, 6, 7]. However, exper imenta l mode l s of myocard ia l les ions combining d i s o r d e r s of the co rona ry circulat ion, hemocoagulat ion, and metabo l i sm, and leading to pathological changes in the hea r t musc le , a re still in an ea r ly stage of development and have not yet become widely used in pharmaco log ica l o r o ther r e s e a r c h .

DOI: 10.1007/BF00837264

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