A model for polyglossia and multilingualism (with special reference to Singapore and Malaysia)

  title={A model for polyglossia and multilingualism (with special reference to Singapore and Malaysia)},
  author={John Talbot Platt},
  journal={Language in Society},
  pages={361 - 378}
  • J. Platt
  • Published 1 December 1977
  • Sociology
  • Language in Society
ABSTRACT Ferguson's concept of diglossia and its later extension and coupling with bilingualism (Fishman et al.) is developed further into the concept of polyglossia with multilingualism by discussion of various speech communities where these phenomena are in evidence. A general model is suggested which could cope with cases of polyglossla by a continuum ranging from H(igh) varieties through M(edium) varieties to L(ow) varieties. Devices for status ranking of speech varieties are discussed and… 

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